Interaction Checker

Interaction Charts - antimalarial drugs revised and expanded.

Friday 12 May 2006

The Drug Interaction Charts have been revised to include extra antimalarial drugs and additional information on existing drugs.

The following antimalarial drugs have been added to the interaction charts:
- Amodiaquine
- Artemesinins (Artemether, Artesunate)
- Primaquine
- Quinine
- Sulfadoxine/Pyrimethamine

Further details on the nature of interactions with atovaquone, dapsone*, halofantrine, lumefantrine and proguanil have been added.
(*Please note, that dapsone is listed in the antibacterial class of drug. If you are unsure under which class a drug is listed, an alphabetical listing is now available.)

The PDA (HIV-Charts2go) and printable versions of the charts will be updated in due course to include the additional drugs and information.

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