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Entries for the current year and the preceding year are shown here. Older entries can be found in the archive.


LMAP 2023 recordings now available

Recordings from the Liverpool Masterclass in Antiviral Pharmacology (LMAP) 2023 are now available on the LMAP website. All LMAP recordings (including those from 2020 and 2021) are also available in the videos section of the HIV drug interactions website.

Added: Wednesday 22 November 2023

IAS 2023: Liverpool Drug Interactions - Beyond Clinical Evidence symposium recording now available

A recording of our IAS 2023 symposium "Liverpool Drug Interactions: Beyond Clinical Evidence" is now available to watch.
Click here to watch or access via the "Videos" section on the website. 

Panel and Speakers (timings): 
Introduction: Gail Matthews (Co-Chair) & Saye Khoo (Co-Chair)<...

Added: Wednesday 16 August 2023


Extensive update and review of the Prescribing Resources

We have recently undertaken a comprehensive review of the Prescribing Resources section of the website and have updated documents where necessary. Details of the main changes are summarised below.

All the Treatment Selectors and interaction summary tables have been extensively revised and n...

Added: Tuesday 08 November 2022

Treatment Selectors – revised and expanded

The Treatment Selectors in the Prescribing Resources section of the website have been revised and expanded. Various new comedications have been added, along with new entries for the HIV drugs fostemsavir, oral cabotegravir and intramuscular cabotegravir/rilpivirine.

In additi...

Added: Friday 22 October 2021

Two new comedications

Two new comedications have been added to the interaction checker and "Overview of Interactions" PDFs (in the Prescribing Resources section of the website).

Dapoxetine has been added to the "other" class and yohimbine has been added to the "erectile dysfunction" class.

Added: Tuesday 13 April 2021

New and updated treatment selectors

Over the past few weeks we have been working on updating and expanding some of the "Prescribing and Dosing Guidance" files in the Prescribing Resources section of the website.

Prescribing guidance for elderly PLWH” has been expanded to include two new tables – the top te...

Added: Wednesday 10 July 2019

Updated treatment selectors

Updated Treatment Selectors (by therapeutic indication) are now available in the Prescribing Resources section of the website.

This has been a major update as one new antiretroviral (doravirine) and four new antiretroviral combinations (atazanavir/cobicistat, darunavir/cobicistat, bictegravir/emtricitabi...

Added: Thursday 14 February 2019

Updated printable materials

Following the completion of the introduction of a yellow classification to the interaction database, all printable materials have now been reviewed and updated where required to reflect changes arising from this project.

Tables giving an overview of all interactions by therapeutic cla...

Added: Wednesday 06 December 2017

Presentation - Medscape Webcast. Optimizing Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV: Key Pharmacologic Concerns

Medscape Web Conference
Optimizing Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV: Key Pharmacologic Concerns.
Presenters: David Back, PhD, and Marta Boffito, MD, PhD

In this recent CME/Pharmacist CE program, David Back and Marta Boffito explain pharmacologic information of key importance to HIV clin...

Added: Friday 21 July 2006

Awards and commendations
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