Interaction Checker

Expanded and Revised Listings for Contraceptives/HRT and Illicit/Recreational Comedications

Thursday 30 October 2014

We have undertaken a comprehensive review of two classes of comedications – contraceptives/HRT and illicit/recreational. As a result of this many of the interaction summaries have been revised and several new comedications have been added (see below for details of the new drugs). The web and app versions of the charts have been updated and the printable versions of the charts will be updated in the next few weeks.

New Contraceptives/HRT – Gestodene, Levonorgestrel (emergency contraception), Norelgestromin, Norgestrel.

New Illicit/Recreational – Amyl nitrate, Cannabis (previously listed as marijuana), Heroin, Hydrocodone*, Hydromorphone*, LSD, Mephedrone, Phencyclidine.
(* Listed under their therapeutic indication, i.e., analagesics)
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