Interaction Checker

Updated printable materials

Wednesday 06 December 2017

Following the completion of the introduction of a yellow classification to the interaction database, all printable materials have now been reviewed and updated where required to reflect changes arising from this project.

Tables giving an overview of all interactions by therapeutic class can be found in the Printable Charts section of the website. These tables were previously available as individual PDF files by ARV class, but have now been combined into a single PDF file. The Printable Charts section also contains PDFs of information in summary form for prescribing in specific situations, such as for elderly patients, for gender transitioning, for PrEP with long-term use medications, and many other situations.

The Treatment Selectors show interactions between key antiretrovirals and drugs used to treat a range of common comorbidities. Four new therapy areas have been added to treatment selectors:
  • Anti-malarials
  • Bronchodilators for COPD
  • Immunosupressants for SOT
  • Pulmonary Anti-hypertensives 
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