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New and updated treatment selectors

Wednesday 10 July 2019

Over the past few weeks we have been working on updating and expanding some of the "Prescribing and Dosing Guidance" files in the Prescribing Resources section of the website.

Prescribing guidance for elderly PLWH” has been expanded to include two new tables – the top ten drug classes to avoid and common prescribing cascades to avoid.

Dosing of ARVs for patient with renal impairment” has been updated to include the latest ARVs and new coformulations and now cites recommendations from the US product labels as well as the European labels. A new treatment selector “Dosing of selected non-ARVs for patients with renal impairment” has been added. This is currently based on recommendations in the European product labels, but we hope to expand it to include US recommendations in the future.

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