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New comedications and clarification of existing comedications

Monday 10 October 2022

A couple of new drugs have been added to the comedication list and a couple of existing drugs have been revised and expanded.

Recent additions to the comedication list include ketorolac (analgesics) and sotalol (beta blockers)

Given that dexamethasone displays dose-dependent enzyme induction, we have decided to split dexamethasone in the steroid class into two entries - dexamethasone (low dose) and dexamethasone (full dose). This will allow interactions to be more specific and take into consideration the extent of enzyme induction due to the dose of dexamethasone. 

We have also decided to replace the existing entry for valproate in the anticonvulsants class with three new listings. Although valproate is pharmacologically correct as the different preparations all circulate in the plasma as the valproate ion, we felt it would be more user friendly to show the names of the prescribed products in the comedication list and the following are now listed: sodium valproate, valproic acid and valproate semisodium (divalproex sodium).

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